Ideas for Public, Purple Ribbon Activities

1.    Activities need to include purple ribbons. Other than that, they can include virtually any event, can be held anywhere, and can be anything from: 2.    Participation on an individual basis by as many people as possible,  including by members of organizations, and individuals, to tie purple ribbons on anything, anywhere they can be seen: outside their homes, trees, mailboxes, hang on front door like a Christmas wreath, car antennas, etc. Also wear them whenever possible, too.

Please compile a list containing locations and home addresses where purple ribbons will be tied, and send them to me via email or US mail. It is very important that the International Coordinator be provided this information to be included in the international press release. Always be sure to provide your name, organization name, address, telephone number and email address so you can be contacted and for this information to be included on the press release.

3.    Feel free to contact/network with other organizations about Equal Parents' Week for participation, and please notify the International Coordinator as to the name, telephone number and email address of their contact person.

4.    CUTOFF DATE FOR THE NATIONAL PRESS RELEASE: September 9, 2005. Please notify the International Coordinator by telephone, US mail or email by this date of all activities, including purple ribbon activities, candlelight vigils and home vigils. If your information is mailed by that date it will be received in time. The national press release will be distributed to all organizations who have contacted the National Coordinator and are participating in Equal Parents' Week.

5.    Ideas, questions, suggestions, or other things you would like to discuss? Please email Patti Diroff, International Coordinator, Equal Parents Week, Children's Rights Council ( or call at (909) 591-3689. Please speak loudly and slowly when leaving a phone message.