Information regarding all Equal Parents' Week activities, including purple ribbon displays, purple ribbon activities, public and home candlelight vigils, etc., must be reported to the International Coordinator by SEPTEMBER 6, 2004.  IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED in the sign up links be provided when signing up. This information can be provided via email, telephone message or U.S. mail, but it must be complete. (When emailing your response, it is strongly recommended that you copy the numbered list of information items which appear in the link and insert this list into your email response to use as a checklist when emailing your response to ensure that your response includes each piece of information requested. Use this as a checklist if calling in or mailing in information as well, again to ensure that all items of information requested are included.)   IT IS ALSO ESSENTIAL THAT YOUR ACTIVITY TAKE  PLACE IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR INFORMATION.  Tentative notification is helpful, but will not be included unless the International Coordinator is notified that the activity is conclusively confirmed.

The information provided by organizations and individuals regarding their activities will be maintained by the International  Coordinator and included in a national press release issued by the International Coordinator and the Children's Rights Council.  The press release will be distributed to all participating organizations throughout the country to maximize publicity and the impact of the message being sent by Equal Parents' Week.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All persons and organizations are urged to submit their information as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the September 6 deadline.  Please understand it is very difficult to process large amounts of activity information received at the last minute and meet a tight deadline for finalizing and releasing an accurate press release. For organizations and individuals who were notified of Equal Parents' Week too late to meet the September 6 deadline,  you are urged to notify the International Coordinator as soon as possible.  We will continue to record and distribute all information received (distributions will be made as ongoing media contacts are made and received), but cannot guarantee the complete distribution of late information to all participating organizations or to the press. Because maximized media coverage requires that press releases be issued in advance, the press release is finalized and distributed to all participating organizations within a week of Equal Parents' Week (to enable participating organizations to issue their press releases in advance).
On behalf of the Children's Rights Council, please accept our most sincere thanks for signing up to participate in Equal Parents' Week. You will be joining with people all over the country and across the world in sending a message from your heart, and helping to strengthen a message which urgently needs to be sent. Your voice will make a difference.