Public Candlelight Vigils, Purple Ribbon Activities, Rallies, Etc.


 Your involvement will receive official inclusion into Equal Parents' Week and will be publicized, including inclusion in and distribution of the international press release. Please be sure that your activity is implemented as described so visibility and successful media coverage will be achieved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Press Release cutoff is September 9, 2005. All activity information should be submitted by this deadline to ensure adequate time for inclusion in the International Press Release. It is greatly appreciated if you provide your activity information as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the Press Release Cutoff, to minimize the difficulty of processing large amounts of activity information received at the last minute.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Responses which are incomplete CANNOT be included in the International Press Release.

1. Copy the entire list of Items 1 - 10 in the "Sign Up Form" below and insert it an email to ensure that your response includes each piece of information requested in Items 1 - 10.
2. Under each Item 1-10 below, please provide ALL the information requested.
3. Please send this email containing all this information to


1. NAME OF ORGANIZATION (or person if no organization)
2. Address
3. Telephone Number
4, Email address
5. Web Page address
6. Name of Contact Person for your organization, along with his/her phone number and email
7. Name of Media Contact Person for your organization (repeat here even if it is the same person as in 6 above), along with his/her email address, and DAY AND EVENING phone numbers where he/she can be reached at a moment's notice by the press


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have more than one activity, make a list which repeats 8, 8(a), 8(b), 8(c), and 8(d) for each activity. If you have one activity, list 8, 8(a), 8(b), 8(c), and 8(d) only once.

8. Describe/identify each activity you will be holding (i.e., candlelight vigil, rally, etc.)
Then, for each activity you will be holding, please list:
(a) the COMPLETE address/location (include street address, city, state, and country),
(b) the date and time each activity will occur, and
(c) the (approximate) number of people you estimate will participate.
(d) If other people should be contacted, please list their names and contact information.

***Example of what this will look like***
8. Candlelight vigil
(a) 1234 Any street, any town, any country
(b) date and time
(c) approximate number of persons
(d) list if applicable

If you have more than one activity, fill in the same information, i.e.,
8, 8(a), 8(b), 8(c), and 8(d), for each activity

***End of example***

9. If you like, provide a quote statement on behalf of your organization, a few sentences or paragraphs in length (include the name and title of the person who provides the quote).

10. Indicate if you would like to explore affiliation with the Children's Rights Council (answer only if you are interested, otherwise, please disregard)
Please understand that these sign up requirements are necessary to preserve the integrity of the event and all organizations participating, to maximize visibility and impact, and particularly, to facilitate and accommodate media contact and requirements.

Please be sure that you carry through with your activity so successful media coverage may be achieved.

On behalf of the Children's Rights Council, please accept our most sincere thanks for signing up and participating in Equal Parents' Week! You will be joining with people all over the country and around the world in sending a message from your heart, and helping to strengthen a message which urgently needs to be heard. Your voice will make a difference.